Village Development

Village Development

The major goal of Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti’s Village development Project is to ensure increase net income, reduce health risks, and support 100% education among primary school going children. The main aim of the policy of Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti is to develop underprivileged villages of India and address social inequities and integrate everyone regardless of gender, caste, religion and region.

Providing voice to marginalized, Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti has operated a number of programmes dedicated to the sustainable management of resources available to rural population.

Encompasses participatory approach, the programme basically has introduced educational, healthcare and economic development activities for the welfare of the community. In addition, it ensures that every village has homes for homeless, better learning environment for children, economic support for higher studies, human values, personal & general health and hygiene, drinking water facilities, environment awareness, peace and harmony in diversity.

We believe in long term sustainability that after 16 years when Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti will exit then community people will be self sufficient to take the responsibility for the development of the village. And, for the purpose, we are building capacity of women, youth and children. We have formed women and men’s groups and started giving responsibility to them.

Major Segments of JSKS VDPs:

Community Centre:

Observing and analyzing the susceptible situation of the Villages, JSKS adopts villages and starts community centre. As per the availability of resources we have some permanent structure in some villages and in other villages we have temporary structure. The Centre coordinates all the extension programs of the organization to make the village Self Sufficient within stipulated time frame.

It acts multipurpose institute of the people, by the people, and for the people to promote learning new knowledge, skills and behaviors to improve people's quality of life and living standard. It plays a key role in personal and societal development. We believe that it is an effective mechanism for empowering individuals and promoting community development. Also, this Centre plays an increasingly important role in bringing local communities together.  It will offer a focal point for neighborhood activities.

Functions of Community Centre:

1. Education & Training           2. SHGs & Self Employment

2. Community Information & Dissemination of Resources

3. Community Development 4. Coordination & Networking


Relief Aid

Organization provided relief materials like food grain, clothes & blankets etc. To the victims of riots and people affected by natural calamities of flood, & earthquakes in different parts of the country.

Relief and Rehabilitation

Our country has faced so many natural calamities, of which people are still suffering till date. Houses destroyed, farmers lost their land and families suffered loss of their loved ones when tsunami and earthquakes occurred in several regions..

We aim at providing relief in situations like drought, earthquake, tsunami etc. and provide free food, clothes, shelter for those living in the affected areas. We also help people in extreme remote areas migrate to nearby towns and begin a meaningful life.

Your help is needed to get our fellow citizens out of misery and restore their habitat. Basic needs of food, shelter and clothing can be provided if you join us in supporting this cause. Even a small donation will help a single family sustain and gain relief.

Disasters and calamities are among the sources of poverty. Disasters ruin the lives, snatch the livelihood means and destabilize the whole society. In an instant, life can change for millions of families. Natural disaster can take homes and what little possessions they have. During humanitarian emergencies, responding immediately and effectively could mean saving many lives. During natural disaster and communal riots, there are critical shortages of food, medicine and shelter. As a result many civilians, particularly women children and the elderly suffer because they are among the most vulnerable members of society.

No Social development Program can overlook the Disasters. Geographically and socio-politically, many areas in the country are highly prone to both natural and man-made disasters.  Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti has therefore given due importance to disaster management and has been implementing various projects for Disaster Mitigation and Management.

In the past Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti has quickly responded to natural calamities by providing first aid supplies, shelter, blankets, water, food and other basic survival materials. The emergency and Relief program of  Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti includes providing survival items like food, water, clothes, shelter and medical care during emergencies.

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Let us join together to promote healthy societies based on a holistic concept of wellbeing through promotion of health, education, good moral values, sustainable socio-economic development and anything that serves Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti cause.