Medical Centers and Clinics


Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti is running 5 Medical Centre. Approximately Thousands of beneficiaries avail services of these clinics spread over length and breadth of India.


Free Medical Camps is an important activity in the field of Healthcare. The purpose of holding free medical camps is to provide primary healthcare services to the neglected and hard to reach communities at their doorstep. Since 2000, the Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti has been organized Four Hundred free medical camps and has been able to provide the clinical services and free medication to patients suffering from skin diseases, acute respiratory infections and diarrheal diseases resulting from poor access to healthcare, unhealthy life style, lack of awareness on health and hygiene and non-availability of proper water and


A modern Medical diagnostic laboratory with advanced equipment like Digital X-ray, a fully automatic high precision analyzer from Abbot USA used for conducting all the special tests like Hormones, Cardiac makers, Cancer makers etc. CLIA - Chemiluminescence’s Immuno Assay, ECG, and Ultrsonography etc all the equipment being handled by a team of qualified and experienced doctors and technicians always endeavoring to maintain quality and accuracy. The above Centre will be shortly open


A modern Dental care facility managed by a team of specialists in various dental specialties providing quality dental care and treatment to the public at reasonable cost.


Medical Assistance

“And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.”(Qur’an 5:32)

Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti  to provide medicine and help patients who cannot afford to pay the treatment, surgery and prosthesis through Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti  and also to provide medical services to the registered families at the Association for free or some cases transfer to specialist hospitals if needed.


Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti is planned offering mobile OPD and ambulance services in some areas through its Mobile Medical Units & Ambulances and also planned to established a Blood Donors’ Group and Drug Banks to providing services to the masses without any discrimination

In a country where more than 90% elders have to work in order to survive, affording quality medical care is a far dream. People are living longer, the Oldest Old, those 80 plus, are estimated to reach 48 million by 2050. 88% of the Oldest Old (80+) suffer from chronic ailments such as hypertension, asthma, arthritis, heart problems etc. JSKS’s Mobile Healthcare program seeks to provide sustainable healthcare solutions to destitute elders and their community where these are none available through its Mobile Healthcare Units (MHUs). Each MHU has a doctor, pharmacist and a social worker. These MHUs go into the interiors of urban slums and villages, bringing healthcare virtually at the doorsteps of these destitute elders. For most elders it saves them from the long lines at hospitals which are also situated far from their communities and they get free medication on a monthly basis. Their Individual patient card keeps a record of their treatment and helps monitor their progress.

These MHUs often conduct specialized health camps on various diseases and free health check-ups are conducted. The MHUs have also become awareness generating sites, with the social worker empowering the disadvantaged elder with information on various diseases, along with educating them on the various preventive measures that can be taken to prevent the onset of any deadly disease.


Medical Service Society" is a part of our Medical Program which aims at a multi-faceted development of the downtrodden sections of society. The Society is working in the field of Healthcare in a professional manner since its inception. It is a network of likeminded Physicians from various parts of the country who discuss the healthcare situation and facilities in the country and also deliberate upon various immediate and long-term measures to improve the prevailing condition.

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