Mass Marriage


The emerging tendency of holding mass wedding ceremonies is healthy w omen and proved a great solace for the poor, who cannot afford timely marriage of their daughter due to poverty and demand for dowry. Mass wedding ceremony is a blessing which shares the burden of poor segment of the society in this materialistic era. It is an attempt to share the burden of financially suppressed people for ensuring timely marriages of their daughters.

It is shocking that most the financially suppressed people are unable to marry their daughters well in time because of heavy demand of dowry as a result of which thousands marriageable girls are confronting with this social problem. Under the prevailing situation the idea of mass wedding under flagship of Future 2020 has become a major source for fulfilling the religious, social and moral responsibility and provides an opportunity to wealthy people and philanthropists to share the burden of poor segment of society to ensure timely marriages of their daughters. 50 Couples have been blessed in our mass marriage program.

The basic concept of holding this mass wedding ceremony is to help destitute and to ensure marriages of their daughter in a respectable way. It is our religious and moral obligation that we should care and share the problems especially the financial constrain confronted by the poor segment of the society. The holding of mass wedding ceremony in the era of materialism had become very costly for the poor segment of the society is not less than a miracle. Mass wedding ceremony is a source to support and reduce the financial burden of poor and needy families and it is our social and religious obligation that we should jointly work for reducing their problems including marriages of their daughters.


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