Games & Sports

Annual Sports & Annual Day

Every Year Annual sports meet was celebrated with pomp & show in the month of November. The function is open with a march-pass of the student contingents from different houses. Altogether there were more than 14 (fourteen) different events such as 100m race, in and out, Volley ball, Blind hit, Sepak Takraw, Musical chairs, Spoon race, Candle race, Sack race, Mathematics race, Skipping etc.

Games & Sports

To ensure an all round development of the students instead of confining to mental development through lessons in class-rooms. Adequate opportunities are provided to the students to take part in games and sports. Moreover varieties of other co-curricular activities, which will enable them to face the life with, ease. The students participate at different levels in sports activities, namely within “houses” into which students are divided, Annual games and sport meet was organized on grand scale to develop spirit of sportsmanship and leadership qualities among the locality and students.

Educational External Excursion

Annually educational tour was organized during the month of May; a few spots worth visiting that contribute to the enhancement of students’ knowledge were selected. The spots so selected are science center, Zoological garden, Sports complex, Water fall multipurpose dam and few places of the state historical monuments

Social Forestry Program

The Organization organizes periodical awareness programs on changing environment. Villagers are encouraged to plant more trees. Till date more than 10,000 (ten thousand) trees have been planted. A policy has been made to plant 2000 plants each year

Save Agriculture Land Campaign

Land for agriculture purposes has been reducing at an alarming rate day by day. Agriculture is the key to overall development of the state economy. It is also the backbone of poor peoples’ economy. Out of a total workforce in the state 81% are in agricultural sector generating nearly 42% of the state domestic product. In this connection, the Organization has organized sanitization programs in semi-urban and rural areas.


Facilities for free water supply for minor irrigation are provided to needy farmers. Nearly 300 pumps have been distributed for this purpose.

Save Water Campaign

Sanitization programs on rain-water harvesting and watershed management and conservation of catchment area were organized to conserve water. Three big community ponds have been dug in different place and 50 small individual ponds have also been already in use.

Social Works

Organization organized social work programs in the villages and, engaged volunteers from the youth to participate actively.


The Organization presents Awards to the persons who have contributed to the prosperity of humanity and society in the field of education and general welfare on different occasion. The Organization also presents Mementos to the dignitaries and Hon’ble Guests on the occasions of its different functions.


The Organization has been working in close coordination with different NGOs working in the field of promotion of Education and Health. In this regard the main NGOs with which the Organization has a working coordination with other NGOs and institutions.


Organization is working for poor and needy people who have no support from their family and society. Many people’s are suffering from financial weakness for education and helps of any field “the right Path” Organization wants to support them morally, legally and socially, so that they can stand on their own feet and survive a normal life which is the basic right of every citizen of the country. Organization provides support to the poor, destitute, orphan, old aged and widows who are almost neglected in the society because of social reason.

As a duty of deen in order to fulfill its obligatory at large scale we need them to support and more trained in the field of comparative study and good society for better understanding of the facts and approaches in the field of dawah work.

In the regard of the Organization it’s our appeals to all the brothers and sisters of the universe to help and support the poor and needy people, which is a part of our duty and responsibility for a better society. May Allah give you all best rewards in both the world?

JOIN Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti

Let us join together to promote healthy societies based on a holistic concept of wellbeing through promotion of health, education, good moral values, sustainable socio-economic development and anything that serves Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti cause.