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Elected Representative of Gram Panchayat Raaj Jamalpur Mrs. FATIMA Khatoon w/o .Mr. Mukhtar Ahmed (Mukhiya) Head of the Gram Panchayat Raaj Jamalpur Darbhanga Bihar मुख़्तार अहमद संयोजक” जन समाज कल्याण समिति पूर्व” विधायक प्रतिनिधि, पूर्व लोजपा अध्यक्ष 79 गोरा बौराम विधान सभा ग्राम .पोस्ट जमालपुर वाया बिरौल जिला दरभंगा बिहार -847203

Jamalpur is a Village in Kiratpur Block under the Assembly of Goura Bouram Darbhanga District Bihar State in India. Jamalpur is 18.14 km distance from its Block Kiratpur. Jamalpur is 51.52 km distance from its District Main City Darbhanga. And 129 km distance from its State of Capital of Bihar Main City Patna.

Other villages in Kiratpur are Jamalpur, Khaisa Jamalpur, Musharia, ChatraTola, RahiTola, Jakso,Dhagha, Narkatia, Bhandariya, Kadwara, Bhubhal,Tarawa, Tetri, Lxminiya, Kuboul,Simri,Jhagarua, Raghunathpur, Bardipur, Chatarya, Laxmipur Kakorwa, Rasiari,Bath,Mansara, Pauni, Noula Thalsingi,Near By Villages of this Village with distance are Goura Mansingh Bouram,

Bardaha, KunaouniChock, Asi, Bangratha, Bhanta, Nadai, Aashi, Kunaouni, (5.km),Kumai, Mansara (5.km) Bangrasi (6 km), Kanhai (6.km),Paghari (8km), Supaul Bazar, Biroul, Afzala, Saikhpura, (9.km), Bhadahar (9.5km),Balia, Benk, etc.

Jamalpur is Village and rural areas in Darbhanga District in the Indian state of Bihar. Jamalpur, The name literally means beautiful (Jamal) (-Pur) and that is a literal description of the place. Jamalpur is best known for its large Marketing Place. Is the main business hub of the villages? People from remote areas often visit it in order to purchase goods. There are no other villages under the Panchayati Raaj of Jamalpur, Jamalpur Panchayat was divided into 2 Panchayat such as Jamalpur Panchayat, Khaisa Jamalpur Panchayat, As per 2001 India census Jamalpur had a population of 14108 Male constitute 58 of the population and female 42 % Jamalpur has an average literacy rate of below very low In Jamalpur 16-17 % population is under 7-10 year of age.

Jamalpur also known as Business hub to the Kosi region since beginning it is located approximately 62 kilometers east of (the district headquarters) and 12 kilometers east from its sub divisional headquarters of on the bank of the river and Kosi River in Bihar. The name of the village comes from two words, Jamal and Pur. Somebody say Jamal and Bhullah he was two brothers was arrived in the region many years ago from other remotes areas and lives in this areas & He made his home and established his there. The word Jamal comes from the Jamal & Bhullah “Jamal & Bhullah ", the name of the two brothers. The people used to call Bhulli Jamalpur, hence the name Jamalpur. Whenever he was in residence

Jamalpur is situated in the Darbhanga district of the state of Bihar in India. The village is located in the Kiratpur block of the sub-division of Darbhanga. Biroul is located approximately 45 kilometers east of Darbhanga. The subdivision of Biroul comprises six blocks; Biroul, Gaura-Bauram and Kiratpur. Ghanshiyampur Kusheshwan Asthan (E) Kusheshwan Asthan (w) the population of the subdivision as per the 2001 census is 755,871. There are 122 Villages and 34 Panchayat located in the Gaura-Bauram block. The population of the block is 195425, as per the 2001 census the name of the block comes from two villages, Goramansingh and Bauram.as Gaura-Bauram Assembly.


Jamalpur is one of the most undeveloped areas in India. It does not have or good every year in July hit the area and often causes damage. Flooded areas take a long time to dry out which leads to many problems, including financial hardship and human suffering. Agriculture is the main occupation of the villagers. There is the main business hub of the village. People from remote areas often visit it in order to purchase goods.


B.D.K.High School Jamalpur, Rajkiya Madh Vidiyalaya (Primary School, Middle School) Vidiyalaya, other School Headed by Panchayat Madras a Rah mania Niswan, who have products lots of intelligent students who are serving outside the state as well as country in general. Many Students from these institutes are serving as Prestigious Position in different depts. Govt. Semi. Govt. and Organization And our association and other likeminded educationist are planned to establish following Academic Institutions in this Village & nearest areas of other Village of Kiratpur Block open Near Future Shortly such as Aminia Public School, Madras Aminia, it will be convent and one of the Modern School in the Jamalpur near Future (Insha Allah)

Moulana Abul Kalama Azad Public Library Jamalpur is running under the Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti (JSKS) Association also planned to establish Aminia Typing & Computer Institute is will be one of the institutes in Jamalpur Darbhanga Bihar.

There is no Govt. Hospital, PHC, Doctors, and private Practiceners, there are only unqualified Practiceners They are provide comprehensive health care Encompassing, preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitation health care to the Residents of entire assembly areas and rural areas  they also provide OPD. IPD. Round the clock maternity and emergency care service of all basic and supportive general specialties

There is one of the most popular (NGOs) organizations such as Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti (Regd), which is working in this region it is situated in the Delhi, and its Branch Office is V.P.O: Jamalpur Via, Biroul, Darbhanga Bihar, (847203)

Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti (JSKS) is organizing seminar symposia public meeting, related with health & education, to educate the Practices as well as students to enhance the emergency treatments hygienic life style and clinical service in order to set quality standards for clinical practice to deliver to the satisfaction of the patient. From time to time and also to develop link within the local region and enhance link with the community To promote educational and staff development that not only equips staff to meet their current needs but also prepare them for future challenge.

To provide a range of high quality academic course and research, study areas which are relevant to the 21st century.

Language and culture

The Urdu, Hindi, language is widely spoken in the region and district) of as well as Terai districts There is a lot of culture associated with this region: songs like "Bhagvati Song", "Batgavni", "Sohar", dances like Jaat-Jatin and Jhumar, festivals such as Edul- Fitr, Edul-Adha, Yom- e- Ashura, and Chauthchandra, Ghari Puja, Durga Pooja, Chatt puja, Joor Sital Holi and others.


The Majority of people in Jamalpur are of the Muslims caste. They are very gentle and are known for their hospitality. The villages is also the home of other castes such as Muslims, Paswan, Sada, Pasi, Mallah (Sahni) Yadav, Teli, Brahman, Thakur, Dhobi, Kumhaar, Kurmi, and a very small percentage of Many migratory birds land in marshes around the village from December to March. These birds originate from and important migratory birds seen in the village include:

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