About Org


JAN SAMAJ KALYAN SAMITI (JSKS) is a Delhi base Organization working for the improvement of life of the poor, disadvantage group women and other underserved communities of the country. As a registered body of the Organization is working since 1999 The Association was finally registered as non-profit, voluntary organization under society registration Act xxi of 1860, on 20.07.1999, by Govt. of NCT Of Delhi, though its functional jurisdiction is spread over whole of the country, but presently its main activities are concentrated in NCT of Delhi and State of Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Utrakhand, Haryana as well as country in General. the Organization has a team of committed professional who has experience of working with various grass root and International Organization. As per its mandate the Organization is committed for the capacity building of the local people as well as the different academicians Physicians Scholars involved in the process of developments. The main aim of the Association is to serve mankind specially the slum dwellers of Delhi, as well as, rural area of villages of Bihar and Country in

The Team:

Our team comprises of the professional of the field of health, HIV/Aids, RCH Education, women’s Empowers, Children, Environment, Management, and Research. And General welfare activities

 Selfless and unconditional service to humanity is the real service to GOD

Is any reward of good other than good? (Al -Quran)

Best among the people is one who benefits others 

Working Area

  • Drinking Water Project
  • Hospitals & Clinics  
  • Orphanage           
  • School Education
  • Health         
  • Iftar Party Arrangement
  • Vocational Training                 
  • Free Coaching
  • Career Counseling                 
  • Academic and Cultural Seminar
  • Fellowship Programme           
  • Health, Education
  • General welfare


EDUCATION : We have a team of good professionally academicians, committed professional who has experience of working with various grass root educational institution, in Teaching, Administration, and establishing new institute as well as Organizing a public meeting, Seminar, Symposia, awareness Programmes to promote education among the masses from time to time, issues covered so far are Knowledge ,and ignorance, Economic Education Philosophy of Scientific and its relevance to the Human Society, impact of fasts on human Health, and duties towards their children etc. 


The WHO: Describes Health as a state of complete physical, mental and social, well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. We provide information to the people about HIV/Aids &Various Medical facilities at different centre, hospital in Delhi, and outside the Delhi Such as Bihar State, Beside some basic information on healthcare is also mailed to members and general public and organized health camps seminar, HIV/AIDs awareness programmes from time to time with special emphasis on the drug abuse and unhygienic life style.

Association is presently function in the Slums area among the Yamuna (Embarkment) of Delhi, and the slums along there has large number of Population .Being an unauthorized settlement. it has no civic amenities and as well as State of Bihar in Darbhanga ,Araria ,Kishan Ganj, Sipoul, Madhepura, Saharsa, Madhubani & Sitamarhi, along the flood effected Rural areas in the field of health, Education ,Economic and Social backwardness of the community where landless people lives, land line of poor people belong to nil. Nearly 80% of live below the poverty line the backwardness in reflected particularly in the low level of literacy due to there is no School, Madrasas, Building, Health care facilities, etc.

The percentage of Education

Who have completed high school education is 5% and who have studied beyond high school is nearly 2.5% the % of Graduate is 2-3%- The dropout rate among the quite high on an average one out of three of all illiterate of all drops out before attaining the requisite level The above mentioned fact and figure are the symptomatic of their social plight and condition of the people in these areas where loosing further in to ignorance and poverty. It has no civic Amenities, the condition of the can be under stood by the above data, relating to their educational, economically, and social, backwardness.


The association is working in the major flood affected districts of Bihar, Darbhanga Sipoul, Madhepura, Araria, Kishanganj, Saharsa, in this distt, most of villages. Are flood affected villages of rural areas, the activity of the association Are Multidimensional, the meager resources hamper the plans and projects? These associations have been able to achieve the following by the well-wishers of the poor people. 


Association is established a library namely Maulana Abul kalam Azad Publice Library at Jamalpur Darbhanga, Bihar. In the month of 22nd Sept 04. The Purpose of library will be to create interest in the young generation to acquire knowledge from Books. Instead of form the Electronic Media. The library will have books on literature, philosophy, Science and Islamic Culture & Traditions.


The above public Library with Building established at Kiratpur region Darbhanga, Bihar has been planned this year, the library will start tentatively in the month of Dec. 2017,


5 Centre for vocational Training for Women has been planned this year, it will start in the Month’s of Dec 2020 Sewing Machines and other Training aides are urgently required. 07 Centre for vocational Training is running in the State of Bihar and Jharkhand , Haryana  for ONE Year Urdu Diploma and one Arabic Certificate Course Sponsored by NCPUL, M/O.HRD


A devastating flood of unprecedented scale was swept whole of Bihar and Assam last year 2009,wrost since independence there is heavy loss of life, property ,lives stock, and indescribable misery following destruction of homes, schools, Roads and Bridges, During the flood many hundred people died. In this Occasion association is given to, 1000, Persons were provided Rs.500/00 each was given to 700 persons were provided to 2500 Persons. The association is also distributed 2500.Blankets, 1500, Lungi and 3500, other clothes, 5000 plastic sheets or Tarpaulins etc.

Need of the Organization

As a felt  need of few friends, social workers, Philanthropist and other change  agents  from  various walks of life, being actively involved in sustainable development, educational popularity, health professions  and  training  at  grass  level,  JAN SAMAJ KALYAN  SAMITI  came into  existence in  1998 on World Health day and  was formally registered on 20th July 19999 vide registration No.S-35214 /1999. As non-profit voluntary Organization in 1999, having its head-quarter in South Delhi District at the above address

Organizational Structure

Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti is running has two tier systems, consisting of a General Body and an Executive Body. All members of the Samiti constitute the General Body. The General Body elects Executive Body at every five years as per Rules and Regulation of the organization.  The Executive Body takes all the decisions for day to day Affairs and sees that they are implemented the President is the Executive head Of the Samiti

Main Objectives

  • To establish charitable diagnostic centers/hospitals/dispensaries, to provide medical aids to poor and to create awareness on hygiene, life style, drug addiction pollution and ecology, etc
  • To aid or establish institutions or adopt means for imparting promotion of any art, science or any other field or education; to encourage students for higher education; to maintain libraries for the use and Convenience of general public.
  • To assist/promote family welfare programme
  • To promote respect, tolerance and amity among people irrespective of caste, color or religion.
  • To work for the welfare of the victims of natural calamities and to mobilize necessary resources for the rehabilitation and social enlistment of Indians and to organize necessary relief measures.
  • To organize Seminars/Symposia/Conferences/Workshops/Corner meeting on above mentioned and other allied subjects.
  • To collaborate/coordinate with the WHO/Government/voluntary organizations of the attainment of the objectives
  • To promote education among the educationally backward communities particularly in rural areas.
  • To arrange education including vocational education for girls of economically backward communities
  • To encourage sponsor and facilitate modern education specially studies in basic science
  • To promote comparative perspective for studies in modern and classical discipline of Books, Running of hospitals and dispensaries, etc.
  • To promote love understanding and amity among the people of India.
  • To undertake all the activities of establishing Library, Schools, distribution of books, running of hospitals, and dispensaries etc.
  • To make efforts to educate youth, women and children drug abuse, AIDS, HIV, prevention and work for the environment population related issues.
  • To empower youth and women for better quality of life and improving, living health condition of society, economically, deprived population.
  • To aid a establish a institution or adopt means for the imparting promotion of any art, science or other field of education to encourage ,students for higher Education to maintain library for the use and convenience of General public etc. for achieving the above Objectives. 

Present activities

As the name of JSKS itself means, WISDOM, the Samiti, since its inception has been function in the field of promotion of health, education, General welfare and discrimination of knowledge. For this  purpose the  Samiti has been running a number of charitable medical Clinic/dispensaries in  different areas of  NCT of  Delhi and neighboring states for the weaker section of Society and to provide Medical Aid and Medicine facilities in State of Bihar, Jharkhand , West Bengal, Assam, U.P, Utrakhand region, Districts for their physical and mental health has been organizing health education and awareness camp on various  health  problems  including  HIV/AIDS. In the field of education

The Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti is running

  1. School                  
  2. Madrasa         
  3. Library                       
  4. Vocational Course           
  5. Training Institute and organizing coaching classes, training programmes, seminars, Symposia, conference, related to important aspects of education and health & awareness Programmes

Future plan   

Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti is planning to expand its activities in the field of education and health & General welfare activities in a broader way and also wants to cover more areas under its functional Jurisdiction. Collaboration with other voluntary Organization is sought and always is welcomed

Fund Management

The fund of Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti is running mostly received through Memberships fee, individual donation and gifts, is managed by the President and office bearers of the association with the help of a sub-committee, constituted for the purpose. Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti is running has so far not received any fund from the government agencies or any funding agency.


JOIN Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti

Let us join together to promote healthy societies based on a holistic concept of wellbeing through promotion of health, education, good moral values, sustainable socio-economic development and anything that serves Jan Samaj Kalyan Samiti cause.